SAKTI3030 International Art Exhibition by 40 Artists


International Art Exhibition by 40 Artists – Indonesia, Singapore & Philippines.
Opening Show : Saturday 6 July 2019 at 3pm
Venue : 1 Arts Gallery #02-29 Tanglin Shopping Centre, Singapore
Public Viewing : 1 to 10 July 2019 from 12pm to 6pm
All are Welcome and artworks are available for collection.

Often, people see artists and their artworks and they ignore the hard work taking place in the artists lonely studio. No one take note of the challenges and horrifying nightmares that artist experienced. These events and challenges are far from the glamorous world, very painful and artist has to bulldozed creatively to produce and be part of this dynamic industry.

SAKTI3030 project is the brainchild, organised and curated by Singapore artists, Abu Jalal Sarimon and Belinda Chua. SAKTI gives the meaning of “Miracle” “Power” & “Energy”. The 3 main elements that give strong push for the artists to produce their artworks and share for the world to see.

40 artists with 120 works, from Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines responded to this challenge. They bring along their amazing works of 30cm x 30cm. Each work is produced in details, well-chosen colours and precise drawing skills.

Abu Jalal Sarimon displays the work of red roses overlaid with thick coarse textures. Seen in depth, every line among the layers of these red petals bring viewers to the world of romance shrouded in mysteries. A kind of feeling whereby we sense someone is watching us, giving a chilly effect and insecurities. While we are busy talking, we tend to be ignorant that walls do listen.

Syis Paindow performed like a story teller or known as Pak Dalang. He tells stories with his hyper realist paintings. Vivid visuals that open the way for stories on human civilisation, teaching humanity to obey the commands of God, discipline in life and always respect all groups of society. One of his works clearly shows how the tongue and lips are sharper and venomous than the newly sharpened blade. Very realistic in making a picture and provide a simple message yet effective.

Niluh Sudarti combined 3 works 30cm x 30cm into one vertical painting 90cm x 30cm, dominated by emerald green. The Buddha’s portrait appears in the midst of emerald green, as if the incarnation of spiritual zen, brings calm to the chaos of the world today.

Ismael Esber from Philippines, appeared with figurative painting in a modern expressionism style. He is very versatile and flamboyant in characters. He is very prolific and his mind keeps producing juice of ideas. His strong fingers act like a magic to give birth to mind blowing artworks. His works bring us to another dimension where we can witness beauties without a single thread waving seductively. Even though his work presents nudists but the results are not erotic.

Team Indonesia leads by Syis Paindow, followed by Cipto Prurnomo, Deddy Paw, Ghanyleo, Grace Tjandranimpuno, Hatmojo, I Made Arya Dwita Dedok, Niluh Sudarti, Nurfu Ad, Arie Kadarisman & Afriani.

Team Philippines leads by Roy Espinosa, followed by Ismael Esber, Victor RS Puruganan, Viel Samaniego, Lloyd Lusica, Mark Anthony Talion Vinas, Norman Cristobal, Chai Soo, Angelie Maranan Banaag & Liza B. Oppus.

Team Singapore leads by Abu Jalal Sarimon. Followed by Tan Kay Nguan, Koeh Sia Yong, Jonathan Peh, Chia Chor Hua, Suhat Sugiyou, Chua Buay Lin Belinda, Lai Guey Lian, Tan Kheng Hun Sally, Hoh Yew Ming Neville, D”Gers Feitouchi, Muddmitaq, Warah Rashidi, Neha Jain, Fern Min Eng, Ramli Nawee, Abad Rednose, Nishtha Pathak & Kou Sow Kuen Queenie.

Congratulations and all the best to the participating artists. May SAKTI always with them bring success to their art journey.Thank You,Abu Jalal Sarimon. Sukoco Hayat 6/7 2019/Red


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